Use mouse to interact and any keyboard key to follow dialogues!!
This game has 5 endings, a special one is really well hidden...

This is a story of life and death, the puzzle we all are part of.
This digital experience was made for Haunted PS1 Summer Of Screams and whoever played the outstanding quality of the many games made in this jam might be asking: "How can this be considered a horror game?".
In fact, while I don't have enough technology to create 3d experiences (at least for now), I've tried to emulate the good old point and click horror games, but the main disturbance comes with the subject behind the many allegories.

Life, for the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong... Is nothing but a tiny island where we distract ourselves with it's many puzzles, while the shadow of death watches us counting minutes for the day it will reach our souls...

From there we only have the cold foggy mysteries of what could lie beyond the grave.
With this in  mind I've added my own touch, things from my intimate experiences with life. A lot of simple details in this game have a deeper meaning, if you're curious about something, just ask me...

A note for fellow game developers: Making a game about something that haunts your mind might turn the entire proccess into something harder than it already can be.

If you wanna support me or give me a tip, please check Minimal Fear.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAdriano Silva
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
Tags2D, Dark, Experimental, Horror, Multiple Endings, Point & Click, Surreal
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Sempre fico triste quando não tem a opção de baixar o jogo. Me incomoda a idéia de que os desenvolvedores um dia apagarão ele do Itch e o jogo se perderá para sempre. :-(

Vou não, esse vai ficar aí pra sempre :')


it's pretty good

Thanks a lot :)